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Director of logistic and supply
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Director of logistic and supply

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Business English
Project Management

Профессиональный опыт (общий стаж 15 лет 1 месяц)

Декабрь 2008 г. -
Декабрь 2015 г.
(7 лет 1 месяц)

Director of logistic and supply

JKS «Aidex»,
• Foundation and development forwarding company from project to fully facilitating logistic and warehouse operating organization. Work with 3 PL logistic and supply chain. High quality serves to the customers. Management and coordination with logistic and supply departments on deferent tasks and method of transport means. Budget, forecasting, strategy in near term and long term future consumption planning. Optimization and implementation of lean production in supply logistic schemes., Negotiation and consultation with applicable plant/location staff to research and resolve complex condition of procurement and logistic. Responsible for monitoring inventory procurement of materials/goods, services to the need of clients Tenders and documentation as per FL-44 and FL-203. Work with Administration, inspection and certification organization.
Декабрь 2005 г. -
Декабрь 2008 г.
(3 года 1 месяц)

Head of Supply department.

ZAO «Kombinat detskogo pitania»( Baby food plant and conservation)
Administration of supply department. Negotiating contracts, terms and conditions with others supplying companies. Works with plant departments for their needs and plans. Procurement process supply for plants consumption in raw material and equipment. Inventory management and delivery. Outsourcing. Budget planning and its strict adherence. Financial estimating futures production depending on the season and spending of storehouse inventory. International trade as per Incoterms and custom clearance procedures. Financial audit of Supply Department.
Декабрь 2004 г. -
Декабрь 2005 г.
(1 год 1 месяц)

Officer of the watch (Cargo assistant)

LTD Blue wave Azov
To prepare a cargo plan based on the vessel design, the specificity and properties of the goods, valid precipitation and the required trim, ensure the stability and strength of the vessel, the sequence of ports of discharge; after agreeing on a cargo plan with the senior assistant to submit it for approval to the captain. Promptly give notice (notice) about the readiness of the vessel for cargo operations; carry cargo documentation, reporting.
Декабрь 2000 г. -
Декабрь 2004 г.
(4 года 1 месяц)

Third officers

Front LINE
Submit the necessary documents for the goods to be transported, to compile and prepare all necessarily papers to the senior Capitan’s assistants. Work with documents for cargo operations of the vessel.


Менеджмент и управление, Management and Administration
Faculty of Navigation, Navigator
Navigator, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

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